The secret of Mekor Hachinuch’s success is primarily the devotion and the special relationship forged and cultivated by the Rebeim and staff with each individual student. These Rebeim and Teachers have received extensive training and use the most effective and current teaching methods and aids to reach each child. In addition, highly qualified mechanchim work with both teachers and students to ensure that each student’s specific needs are met. The unparalleled dedication and devotion of our Educators have merited overwhelming Siyata Deshmaya, achieving remarkable success with virtually every student in the program.

Indeed, the results of the Mekor Hachinuch approach far exceeded the expectations of even the parents and initiators of the program. The tangible energy; the joy for learning and the excitement that is the hallmark of the program, is of a totally different character than the conventional classroom. The absence of the common classroom pressures allows the Rebbi or Morah the luxury of teaching mainstream material at each student’s level in a relaxed and stress-free environment. This is conducive to students’ ability to focus on and absorb what is being taught. This atmosphere eliminates much of the intimidations and inhibitions of the classroom, allowing students to shine where perhaps otherwise they would not. In the true tradition of “Chanoch l’nar al pi darcho”,  to teach each child according to his/her specific needs, our teachers connect with our students, taking an interest in his or her particular personality and needs, and thereby becoming attuned to his or her unique character and disposition.

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    Personalized Attention

    Mekor Hachinuch's teachers are well trained to provide individualized attention to address each child's specific issue, be it academic, behavioral or other.

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    Customized Lessons

    Mekor Hachinuch customizes lessons based on each child's personal challenge. The classes are small; and are further divided into smaller groups to enforce the lessons.

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    A Team Effort

    Parents and educators in the Mekor Hachinuch system all are jointly involved and dedicated to the success of their students.  Working hand in hand, these children grow and thrive.